Video Clips


We sometimes post video clips of things that have caught our eye.

We have gathered them in one place here. To view them full screen click the word “Tube” in the  ‘You Tube” logo at the bottom of the screen, this takes you to the clip i on the You Tube web site and the full screen option is there

The first one is from the yard security camera, Kate and Corwen found a toy unicorn hobbyhorse in a charity shop, bought it, and left it looking over a stable door. Squeeze it’s left ear and the sound effects start.

The next one is from a day out that we had to Portland Bill. There was a show called “Harmonic Fields” which was a travelling exhibition of wind powered musical instruments

Kate and Corwen live in a Caravan on the Farm. We recently gained the certificate of Lawful Use reflecting the fact Corwen has lived here over 10 years and it became legal with planning consent.

They now live in a mobile home and the old caravan needed to be disposed of. It was decided that, as they were re-enactors, a spectacular ending was in order and this was the result . . . . . . .

The next one is a 3 minute extract from a 2 hour program that went out on History Channel H2 in the States. The program was called “Going Medieval” and was presented by Mike Loads Three horses from Oakfield took part and I had a walk on role leading the Pack Horse


Some events captured for posterity

27 December 2012