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Icelandic horse Pictures

These pictures have been off line for years and have been resurected for historical interest. These were taken between 1995 and 2002!

Pic00006.jpg (20564 bytes) Torfi and Hazel Torfi and Hazel get to know each other







PIC00008.JPG (35137 bytes)BBC Filming about the life of the Vikings






PIC00005.JPG (31906 bytes)  More snowy pictures




Pic00005.jpg (55088 bytes) A Glorious morning with the sun on the snow 




PIC00023.jpg (22157 bytes)Happy Horses    After what seemed like weeks of rain the sun finally shone and the weather turned cold and crisp



fengurbeach.jpg (66866 bytes)Alderney  I stayed with friends on Alderney helping them with their horses. It was a beautiful place.






vikd1.jpg (37198 bytes) Viking pictures   Some Viking pictures taken by our friend Dawn





thra1.jpg (20660 bytes)Frosty morning  Icelandics at Oakfield Farm on a frosty winters day






ljhead.jpg (110192 bytes) Ljoska  My Friends horse who is staying with us for a while






pace-5.jpg (65162 bytes)Pace Championships Some of the horses that competed in Holland in 1999




pace-1.jpg (59526 bytes)Camel race We also saw a wonderful race that included a Camel, an Icelandic, an athlete, a Jack Russel terrier, and a mountain Bike




Swim-2.jpg (36302 bytes)Swimming    Swimming with the horses





ex002.jpg (12024 bytes)Moors    Pictures of  our riding holiday on Dartmoor and Exmoor in August 1999







attack.jpg (18227 bytes)Vikings    Pictures from the Viking battles at Littlecote House  and at the Salisbury Show





lj1.jpg (36881 bytes)Ljoska    Pictures of Ljoska on the common at Whitesheet




marg2.jpg (36643 bytes)Lukka      Pictures of Lukka with her foal, he is about 13 hours old in these photos




runa2.jpg (31896 bytes)Runa       Pictures of Runa and her foal, he is about 30 hours old in these photos





monic.jpg (31818 bytes)Molda     Molda and her foal at a few days old and again 3 months later in her second coat.






vordissheep.jpg (24199 bytes)Gerpla    Gerpla and her foal Vordís




Pic0006.jpg (20138 bytes)Purbeck Ride  I went for a ride in the Purbeck hills with our friend Brigit





I hope you enjoy these pictures