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The BBC called by to film the horses for a 5 part series on the life of the Vikings. There were 15 of is in kit that day riding for the cameras.

PIC00009.JPG (393548 bytes)

The horses were there usual unflappable selves and took the preparations in their stride

PIC00010.JPG (532707 bytes)

We then all rode at various speeds for the camera

PIC00009.JPG (562473 bytes)

PIC00007.JPG (544693 bytes)

PIC00002.JPG (553559 bytes)

We had a Saxon slave called Corewen to do the running for us

PIC00012.JPG (551180 bytes)

We then moved to the forest for more photos

PIC00008.JPG (578248 bytes)

PIC00010.JPG (564762 bytes)

PIC00010.JPG (564762 bytes)

PIC00012.JPG (539388 bytes)

You can just see the camera man in the centre of this picture

PIC00002.JPG (557107 bytes)

We all had great fun and the horses were stars behaving impeccably.